Caregiver Corner - Katie

In connection with my work, I often meet people who, for various reasons, need help to cope on a daily basis. Some people are nearing the end of their life, some are no longer fully functioning, others need communication and support to recover from their disease.

Katie, an Elunow caregiver, discusses how we can support those who need it as a society.

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Katrins Success Story: Help for her husband is crucial

Elunow care services are used by people who need help with personal care and home care for a wide variety of reasons.

We conducted a small survey with our team and all asked the participants in the Elunow pilot project for feedback on the use of the online environment and services provided by our prototype. We are very grateful that Katrin agreed to share her family story.

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have implemented the policy below that we are asking all of our caregivers and customers to adhere to at all times.

By following this policy, we can continue to deliver our much needed services while protecting our caregivers and customers from the spread of coronavirus.

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Meet our CEO & Founder - Marion Teder

Care has been a part of Marion's life since she was a child growing up in Estonia. It drives her deep, personal passion to help those who need care and those who give care. In a society with an aging population, it’s essential we’re able to provide care for a fulfilling life.

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